Billy H. Burris bburris at cyberpulse.net
Sat Mar 24 18:51:26 CET 2007

  Perhaps you can help me!  
    I cannot even delete an email.  When I download emails from my
server...I have no idea where they are going.  I keep getting a WINDOW
in OUTLOOK that says:
    Moving a message failed due to an unexpected error
   It is recommended you restart OUTLOOK at the earliest convenience
  This message will not be repeated again until SpamBayes is restarted
Now....I'm basically COMPUTER ILLITERATE
  I've tried to restart SPAMABYES to no avail.
  I cannot receive email on this desktop
  I am wishing I had never had SPAMBAYES loaded on my system....  
 Can you help me at all?
Since I can't get your email, could you have a tech call me @
417-742-4799... or cell 417-838-5359??
Thank you for your help
  Billy Burris
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