[Spambayes] Technical Problem

Laszlo Szabolcs laszlo at gasconsultants.com
Sun Mar 25 20:07:55 CEST 2007

Can yo please look at this matter and assist:

Issue ..........

I have a customer that I'm doing IT work for, he wants a anti-spam 
program for Netscape Mail and Newsgroup V7.1 that his employees use, 
they haveYahoo Small Business Mail service:

i.e:              pop.bizmail.yahoo.com         with a user of           
carl_such at gasconsultants.com                 

I've used SpamBayes on Outlook for years, works fine, but after reading, 
and trying I cannot get it to work on the customers config, any 
thoughts.  Let me know what you need for further config info on his end.

Jim S
please respond to     vigaroo at yahoo.com

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