[Spambayes] Technical Problem

vbargsten beer at freakmail.de
Mon Mar 26 13:57:23 CEST 2007


maybe you can use the pop3proxy of spambayes, but i think u will need to 
install it on one local
server machine to not have multiple training databases (though this is 
the case if you use the outlook
plugin on each workstation)
as more professional solution i can recommend using cyrus imap on a 
local server. fetch your mails with
fetchmail and let procmail filter them with spambayes and deliver to the 
imap inboxes. every user then can
have his own training database if desired.
i use this setup for a handful of workstations.


Laszlo Szabolcs schrieb:
> Can yo please look at this matter and assist:
> Issue ..........
> I have a customer that I'm doing IT work for, he wants a anti-spam 
> program for Netscape Mail and Newsgroup V7.1 that his employees use, 
> they haveYahoo Small Business Mail service:
> i.e:              pop.bizmail.yahoo.com         with a user of           
> carl_such at gasconsultants.com                 
> I've used SpamBayes on Outlook for years, works fine, but after reading, 
> and trying I cannot get it to work on the customers config, any 
> thoughts.  Let me know what you need for further config info on his end.
> Jim S
> please respond to     vigaroo at yahoo.com
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