[Spambayes] Is SpamBayes available in Exchange environment?

Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Tue Mar 27 02:44:07 CEST 2007

You are correct in general - in an Exchange environment you can still use
spambayes, but the training information may not be the same between them.
SpamBayes stores its training information in your "Application Data"
directory, so if you have roaming profiles enabled (and therefore get your
personal "Application Data" directory wherever you log on), then it should
work fine.

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I have been using SpamBayes VERY successfully and happily for a couple of
years (or more?) with a standalone Outlook that collects Emails from a POP3
server. Starting a couple ofweeks ago, in order to better understand server
management and maintenance, I took over the entire domain Incaprera.com at
my home. I have a server (soon two) as a domain controller, and I am now
hosting my own mail server using M'Soft Exchange. My question: How (if at
all) would I best integrate SpamBayes into this environment? I don't think
it works at the Exchange level, bnut if I install it at the workstation
level (i.e., Outlook) then I guess I must install it at EACH workstation at
home, and it will only work if/when one of them is logged in and is running
Outlook. Moreover, I have no idea what happens if I am logged in at two
workstations at once, each running Outlook with SpamBayes. I would think
that each workstation would develop its own training database, so my removal
results would depend on which station I log in from. That doesn't seem like
a good thing.


AM I missing a better solution? Ideas and/or thoughts are appreciated.




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