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Emmanuel LE QUINIOU elequiniou at mageos.com
Wed May 23 16:47:36 CEST 2007

I used spambyes on a pc with windows XP + Outlook 2002 
It worked fine during 10 monthes .... and an icon desapeared !
So i decidedd to reinstall spambayes (after having uninstall it) and i
did not succeed :
And now I can't re-install it correctly : 
    - no icon appears in outlook !
    - no toolbar available for spambayes !
remark : i delete the directory in my "documents ans settings" relative
to spambyes
Can you give me a way to recover this fantastic tool ?
Thank's in advance. 
elequiniou at mageos.com
mob: +33 (0)6 28 32 29 34
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