[Spambayes] Plug-in fails to load

John E. Creed jcreed at insightbb.com
Fri Oct 5 18:58:43 CEST 2007

For what appears to be no reason at all the SpamBayes plug-in refuses to
load, I've been using SpamBayes for years without any problem and am using
version 1.0.4 for Windows Server 2003 / Outlook 2003 when suddenly the other
day I noticed SPAM wasn't going into the correct folder and I couldn't
access the Spam Bayes Manager button, then I noticed the plug-in isn't
loading when Outlook starts up.

I've tried an un-install / re-install but that didn't help. Any idea what's
wrong and what I should try next, I miss SpamBayes already?

John E. Creed
John E. Creed
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317-408-2074 mobile

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