[Spambayes] Spambayes Crashing SOLVED

Dale Schroeder dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com
Mon Oct 8 23:03:46 CEST 2007

In my case, it was the new option in the new version of ThunderBayes 
(1.0.x) causing all the problems.  Once "Use internal SpamBayes proxy" 
was disabled on all Thunderbird clients, SpamBayes on the Debian server 
no longer crashed.  It now works as wonderfully as it did previously.

Dale Schroeder wrote:
> I wonder if he meant ThunderBayes 1.0.1?
> At some point since the installation of this version of ThunderBayes, I 
> have been having SpamBayes crash problems on our local network.  
> Spambayes is Debian version 1.0.4-3.  Clients are Thunderbird 
> with the aforementioned ThunderBayes 1.0.1.  I have not been able to 
> locate where SpamBayes errors are logged in Debian.  Not being able to 
> find them, if they even exist, I started over with a new dbm database.  
> Shortly after the 1st users started their email this morning, SpamBayes 
> started crashing.  I am now more inclined to believe it is something 
> with the clients, but don't know where to look for clues.
> The latest ThunderBayes has a default option of "Use internal SpamBayes 
> proxy".  Since I am using a server-based SpamBayes setup, could that be 
> the source of the problem?
> Dale

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