[Spambayes] Help needed immediately

Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Thu Oct 11 19:35:55 CEST 2007

Presumably, if you read this, you've sorted out the problem, uninstalled
SpamBayes, or found and searched the SpamBayes mailing list archive.
(I'm writing this mostly for the latter.)

Perhaps you worked out how to use the Advanced Find.  The FAQ doesn't
say much about how it works, but what it does say seems to be accurate
for Outlook 2003 (which is what I have).

Alternatively, you might have created new folders for spam and possible
spam and used the SpamBayes Manager to specify that messages should be
moved to those folders.  You could also have configured SpamBayes not to
move messages at all.  Either way, you could continue to receive
messages while looking for "disappeared" messages.  (Developers: maybe
these options should be added to the FAQ.  It has to be upsetting to
realize that if anyone answers a plea for help, you won't know it.)

Or maybe someone took it upon themselves to give you a call.  If so,
this was either an act of generosity, paid for out of their own pocket,
or an offer of paid advice.  There is no business entity behind
SpamBayes; if anyone gets paid to work on it or support it, I haven't
heard about it.  The developers are a loose network of people scattered
around the globe who wrote SpamBayes because it seemed interesting to
them and/or they found it useful, and support is largely contributed by
people like myself who are grateful for SpamBayes' existence.  While it
may not seem like it to you at the moment, it's a wonderful program.

I hope you get SpamBayes working for you if you haven't already!

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I hope this is sent to the right area/people --

I just downloaded your software. I'm trying to "train" my machine by
it put e-mail in "Spam" or "Unsure" folders and then going to these
and telling the program whether each file in the folder is "Junk" or
However, My e-mail is disappearing -- how do I find where the the "Spam"
"Unsure" folders are?

There doesn't seem to be anything in your FAQ's that addresses this
situation, and the "Tools/Advanced Find" doesn't work the way you say in
your FAQ's.

There's no phone number or e-mail in your "Contact Us/Contact Details"
and I
need to find/access my e-mail. Please call 970-248-9200 ASAP!!!! It is
10:45 AM in western Colorado where I am.

You could e-mail me but your e-mail would go to some unknown location
I don't know how to find it, so please don't do that!

Thank you.

Sue K

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