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This is a pain, and a constant source of questions on this mailing list.
Spambayes offers no facilities to help avoid this, but we would welcome any
contributions towards that goal.  The spambayes-dev mailing list is probably
the appropriate place to discuss how such a feature should be implemented if
you were interested in contributing.






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I am looking to implement a managed services package for my clients.


My problem is managing SpamBayes remotely.  What I mean is that my clients
tend to delete the "Junk email" folder or the "Suspect" folder gets drug in
to the wrong place and SpamBayes quits working.


Is there a process that I can monitor to see if it is running?  


Is there a way I can "lock" the folders so they cannot be deleted or move?


These clients are not on Exchange server, they are stand alone desktops.




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