[Spambayes] Weird Problem

Richard S. Albrecht RAlbrecht at aspe.org
Fri Oct 19 17:00:07 CEST 2007

Thanks for the great software, We are a non-profit and and your
Spambayes has been a god send.
Something weird though, one of you user's installation stopped working,
Outlook 2003 with Exchange 2003 on a desk top. Suddenly it just stopped,
clicking on the Spambayes button does nothing.
Went to com add ins and saw that it was unchecked, I checked it and
restarted Outlook. Same thing.
So I uninstalled spambayes and reinstalled, all with Outlook closed. Ad
it did the same thing.
Any ideas how to fix this.
-=Richard S Albrecht=-
American Society of Plumbing Engineers 
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Chicago, Illinois 60656 
Phone:  773-693-ASPE (2773) Ext:224 
Fax:  773-695-9007 
Email:  RAlbrecht at aspe.org
Web:  www.aspe.org
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