[Spambayes] Can I get SpamBayes to delete spam immediately rather than storing it in Junk Mail folder?

Amedee Van Gasse amedee at amedee.be
Sun Aug 24 13:43:18 CEST 2008

Leslie Pratch schreef:
> SpamBayes is identifying spam correctly and I would like it to delete the
> spam it identifies immediately and permanently.  Is this possible?  What do
> I do?  Thank you.

You didn't say how you are using SpamBayes:
* as a procmail filter
* as a POP3 or IMAP proxy
* as an Outlook add-in

I'm using SpamBayes as a procmail filter, and this is a part of my

----------CUT HERE----------
### SpamBayes filtering starts here

:0 fw:hamlock
* < 1000000
| /usr/bin/sb_filter.py -o Headers:include_evidence:True -d $HOME/.hammiedb

# Messages that are so obviously spam that we should not train on them
* ^X-SpamBayes-Classification: spam; 1.00
----------CUT HERE----------

I cannot help you with the POP3/IMAP proxy because I have never used that.

If you are using the Outlook add-in: SpamBayes has never and probably
will never delete emails. SpamBayes is only a classifier, nothing more!
There are sometimes questions on this mailing list from people claiming
that SpamBayes has deleted their message, but SpamBayes simply does not
contain a single line of code to delete emails.
That being said, if you want automatic cleanup of the spam folder, you
should look at the auto archive opions of Outlook. You can set that for
all folders in Tool -> Options, but also for each individual folder with
the right mouse button.
Set the spam folder to be archived every day, all items older than one
day, and don't move to another folder but delete. I'm not using Windows
or Outlook now and at work it's the Dutch version so this is a from
memory, excuse me if I didn't get it exactly right.


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