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Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
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Assuming you're using the Outlook plug-in, you should be able to select
any message in your spam folder, then click the "Not Spam" or "Recover
from Spam" button on the SpamBayes toolbar. Alternatively, you should be
able to drag it from your spam folder to your inbox. Either way, the
training should be reversed. (You might need to do this with more than
one message, depending on prior training.)
I'm not sure how a message could not be "clickable." Can you provide
details as to what you're doing, what you're expecting, and what's
happening instead?
Another approach is just to discard your training database altogether.
Some people are reluctant to do this, but SpamBayes learns so quickly
that it doesn't bother me to retrain. Click "SpamBayes" on the SpamBayes
toolbar, select "SpamBayes Manager..." from the menu that displays, and
click the "Training" tab. If you specify empty "known good" and "known
spam" folders, check "Rebuild entire database," and click "Start
Training," you'll end up with an empty training database. If you specify
"known good" and "known spam" folders that have appropriate messages in
them, you'll jump-start your training based on those messages.


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Please could you tell me how to reverse a definition. I accidentally
registered a regular newsletter as spam and now ~I cannot find any way
to reverse 
that identification. None of the spam mails that spoambayes has
identified are clickable in the folder where i sent them once identified
and there is no apparent method to reverse the process, so all these
newsletters are getting trashed as spam.
H Mcleod
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