[Spambayes] A bug report

Dale Schroeder dale at BriannasSaladDressing.com
Thu Dec 4 18:06:13 CET 2008

Where we are, the only option for high speed internet service is 
wireless, resulting in periodic outages.  If SpamBayes attempts to 
retrieve mail during one of these intermittent outages, it is quite 
likely that it will lock up and stay that way until the service is 
restarted.  We do not use the Outlook plugin, so this appears to be a 
problem that is program-wide.  I just consider this a minor 
inconvenience for the privilege of using this wonderful program, as we 
classify thousands of emails per day with very few unsures and very near 
100% accuracy.


Juha Suomalainen wrote:
> Hello coders,
> I am using the SpamBayes Outlook add in with Outlook 2007 (under 
> WinXP). As a classifier results are seen, the plug in works perfectly, 
> and I want to thank all of you coders for the great work!
> However from time to time I am having some problems with Spambayes 
> freezing my Outlook totally, if the connection to the IMAP server is 
> busy. Our corporate IMAP server is over  burdened and sometimes 
> (actually quite often) the connection to the server fails. Sometimes, 
> but not everytime, this leads to complete freeze of the Outlook. When 
> I force Outlook to shut down and restart it, Outlook says that it was 
> the Spambayes Outlook plugin that froze the system and asks if I would 
> like disable it.
> This behavior is same for both versions 1.0.4 and the latest alpha 
> release 1.1a4. I haven't got a slightest idea of SpamBayes code 
> operation, but I wonder if this freeze-problem could be fixed by 
> simply changing some timeout delays or adding an emergency exit to 
> some loop to be used if connection to server fails.
> BR:
> -Juha Suomalainen
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