[Spambayes] Problem filtering folders in other mailboxes

Tim Sagstetter Tim.Sagstetter at KernelSoftware.com
Wed Dec 24 03:16:59 CET 2008



Thank you for an incredible product.  SpamBayes is the only thing that
allows me to use email.  Without it, I would be drowning in spam.


I am responsible for monitoring multiple mailboxes.  Under Outlook 2002,
I set SpamBayes to filter the Inboxes of each mailbox I monitor.  This
worked great.  However, I was forced to upgrade to Outlook 2003 and now
things aren't so rosy.


Under Outlook 2003 and SpamBayes V1.1a4, I cannot open the other
mailboxes when browsing for folders to filter.  All the mailboxes are
listed in the tree, but clicking the [+] next to the mailbox doesn't
open it.  If I click in the root mailbox folder, I get the standard
prompt to select a child folder, but I cannot.  I have Owner permission
on all of these mailboxes and folders.  I can access their contents
without restriction.  And, this all worked fine under Outlook 2002.  All
the mailboxes are hosted on Exchange 2003.


Can you provider any guidance on this issue?  Any suggestion would be
greatly appreciated.  Thanks!



Kernel Software, Inc.


Tim Sagstetter


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