[Spambayes] Problem filtering folders in other mailboxes

Tim Sagstetter Tim.Sagstetter at KernelSoftware.com
Wed Dec 24 03:33:20 CET 2008



Thank you for an incredible product.  SpamBayes is the only thing that
allows me to use email.  Without it, I would be drowning in spam.


I am responsible for monitoring multiple mailboxes.  Under Outlook 2002,
I set SpamBayes to filter the Inboxes of each mailbox I monitor.  This
worked great.  However, I was forced to upgrade to Outlook 2003 and now
things aren't so rosy.


Under Outlook 2003 and SpamBayes V1.1a4, I cannot open the other
mailboxes when browsing for folders to filter.  All the mailboxes are
listed in the tree, but clicking the [+] next to the mailbox doesn't
open it.  If I click in the root mailbox folder, I get the standard
prompt to select a child folder, but I cannot.  I have Owner permission
on all of these mailboxes and folders.  I can access their contents
without restriction.  And, this all worked fine under Outlook 2002.  All
the mailboxes are hosted on Exchange 2003.


Can you provider any guidance on this issue?  I have read the various
support documents, but I am unsure if it is just something I'm doing
wrong or if this is a bug.  Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.



Kernel Software, Inc.


Tim Sagstetter


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