[Spambayes] Sudden problem after many months of use during "Review", then Train

rm2biz rm2biz at verizon.net
Mon Feb 4 15:56:19 CET 2008


I really didn't know where this should go. I have been using 
SpamBayes V1.0.4 for many months with no problems.

After doing the email review, choose various SPAM / HAM,  Then click 
on Train, I get the 500 Server Error.

Any clue on what to do to become normal again (PC / SPambayes). I am 
beyond help to normal<g>)

System: Win XP SP2, most of the upgrades
Browser: Firefox

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: 
Gecko/20071127 Firefox/

Eudora Client: V

500 Server error

Traceback (most recent call last):

   File "spambayes\Dibbler.pyc", line 470, in found_terminator

   File "spambayes\ProxyUI.pyc", line 396, in onReview

   File "spambayes\Corpus.pyc", line 214, in takeMessage

   File "spambayes\FileCorpus.pyc", line 140, in addMessage

   File "spambayes\Corpus.pyc", line 134, in addMessage

   File "spambayes\storage.pyc", line 617, in onAddMessage

   File "spambayes\storage.pyc", line 627, in train

   File "spambayes\message.pyc", line 263, in setId

   File "spambayes\message.pyc", line 119, in _getState

   File "shelve.pyc", line 118, in __getitem__

   File "bsddb\__init__.pyc", line 116, in __getitem__

DBRunRecoveryError: (-30982, 'DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run 
database recovery -- fatal region error detected; run recovery')

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