[Spambayes] Spambayes-1.0.4.zip

Thomas Hruska thruska at cubiclesoft.com
Fri Feb 8 02:16:49 CET 2008

Bill Stephens wrote:
> Twice I have tried to download the subject program, but each time all I 
> get is 20 KB, whereas your web pages indicate that the ZIP file will be 
> 803,545 bytes. Naturally, when I click to open it, PKZIP comes up with 
> an error message. After the first failure to unzip, I tried to download 
> the program again, but was told that the file already exists -- so I 
> deleted it, then again clicked to download. Again, only 20KB came through.
> I have Windows XP, SP2
> What can I do to successfully download the program?
> Bill

Sounds like a browser cache problem.  Try:  Tools -> Internet Options... 
-> Delete Files... -> Check the "Delete All Offline Content" checkbox -> 
Click OK.

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