[Spambayes] Major change to the website front page - feedback please

David Reichard dreichard at finnav.com
Fri Feb 8 16:25:47 CET 2008


Looks great. Most open-source websites expect novice users to somehow
guess which code to download. Same with manufacturer's websites for
printer drivers. Wish more of them would have a table like the one you

One suggestion: Add a note (or footnote) "source code only" where
relevant. I've never mastered installing form source code and so only
download compiled code. It's nice to know which links lead only to
source code so I can avoid them :(

As for untested apps, yes, please list, with a note.

- David

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With all the questions today about what SpamBayes will work on, I think
it would be a good idea to make it easier for people to decide what to
download for different operating system/mail program combinations.  I've
attached a tentative replacement.  I would like feedback on the table
right at the top of the page.  For combinations which haven't been
tested (e.g., IncrediMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc), should I offer any
download options?  Maybe just a link to the 1.1a4 source?

At any rate, feedback please.  I'd like to install a replacement
tomorrow if possible to try and head off many of the types of questions
we received today.



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