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Mark Hammond mhammond at skippinet.com.au
Wed Feb 13 00:45:27 CET 2008

I'm afraid it's not clear from your message exactly what went wrong, or why.
If you have partial downloads of the software, you should delete them.  If
you have partial failed installations of the program, please tell us exactly
what remains installed, exactly what steps you are taking to try and resolve
that, and exactly what error messages you get when you try.

A partial install should not prevent you reinstalling though - so maybe you
should try rebooting, then following the installation instructions again,
and should anything go wrong, record exactly what you were doing, and
exactly what any error messages said.  We need to know *precisely* what was
being attempted and what went wrong to be able to help.  Also, please ensure
you include information about your operating system (ie, what version of
Windows you are running) and what email program you are hoping to use it
with.  Also, you should have already received an auto-reply from this
mailing list pointing you at the FAQ and the troubleshooting guide - they
will tell you how to include "log files" which can help us diagnose the



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> I learned about your project from Kim Komandos newsletter. I tried to
> download the binary version but encountered problems. I tried to delete
> the program to download again but was refused many of the items after
> using Windows Add or Remove programs. I was notified then that the
> complete deletion coulld not be performed, and that I could remove the
> remainder manually. I attempted this, but was also refused the means to
> do that. In spite of not being able to completely remove what I had
> downloaded, I attempted to download again, but that too, failed. Now I
> have partial downloads of the program, but cannot obtain the full
> program. What is the next step?
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