[Spambayes] Lost email messages

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Tue Feb 19 15:23:51 CET 2008

    Joseph> I did configure it, but obviously got it wrong.


Can you give us some details about what you did?  I believe the POP3 proxy
(sb_server.py) allows you to connect via your web browser to


Can you give us your configuration information from that?  Did you change
the configuration of Outlook Express to connect to the POP3 proxy?

When everything is configured, there will be three programs in the mix:

    +--------+        +--------+        +--------+
    |  Your  |        |  POP3  |        | Outlook|
    |  Mail  |   -->  |        |   -->  |        |
    | Server |        |  Proxy |        | Express|
    +--------+        +--------+        +--------+

Suppose your mail server is on a host named mailserver.  Typically, it will
listen to port 110.  The POP3 proxy will be configured to connect to port
110 on mailserver.  The POP3 proxy will, in turn, be configured to listen to
port 110 on localhost.  Outlook Express thus needs to be configured to
connect to port 110 on localhost.

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