[Spambayes] Getting SpamBayes Started

Ed Marshall emarshall1 at fuse.net
Mon Feb 25 02:48:00 CET 2008

To whom it may concern,
I installed Spambayes, but when I right click on the Icon to configure it, I get a Microsoft list of options as opposed to the description in the documentation. I am running Outlook Express and when I initially installed Spambayes, I read the different versions as opposed to the system that they ran with, and I installed the version for Outlook initatially as opposed to the Outlook Express version. I read the instructions and they said when Outlook comes up it gives you options to run the system. Naturally whe Outlook Express came up it came up normally and when I went back. and re-read the installation details I saw where ther was a different version for Outlook Express as opposed to Outlook. Can you tell me how to rectify the problem ??
Ed Marshall 
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