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This is probably a Vista issue. See
-vista (and maybe
A note to the developers: I was going to suggest that he download 1.1a3,
since my understanding is that this is the most recent release with a
Windows installer. Much to my surprise, I only found 1.1a4 on the
SourceForge download site. This is likely to be confusing to users who
visit http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/windows.html
<http://spambayes.sourceforge.net/windows.html>  and see that "The
latest stable release is 1.0.4" and follow the "download the
installation program" link. Can at least 1.0.4 (and ideally 1.1a3) be
restored to the download site?


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We've been using SpamBayes to our great satisfaction for several months
now for Outlook2003.


Recently,  we purchased a new PC with Vista and Outlook2007 installed,
unfortunately SpamBayes

doesn't seem to work with this latest version of Outlook.   Is there a
SpamBayes version available for

Outlook 2007?  If so,  could you please send us link or info where we
can download it.


Many thanks!


Kind Regards,


Christian WINDELS


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