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Joel Rosenthal rojo.editor at verizon.net
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I just noticed this. 


Windows Mail is the replacement for Outlook Express. It comes with Windows
Vista. It is a POP3 mail client, and it probably works with IMAP. Windows
Mail will come with all versions of Windows Vista for the life of Windows
Vista. Windows Live Mail is a different kind of program. You can use it to
replace Windows Mail or Outlook Express on a computer, but Windows Mail will
still continue to come with Windows Vista. WLM is no more the successor to
Windows Mail than Hotmail was to Outlook Express. The same can be said for
Windows Live Search. It is not a successor to the Windows Search Companion,
but it replaces the functionality of the Search Companion when it is


In the case of Windows XP being a successor to Windows Millennium Edition,
the difference is that Windows Millennium Edition ceased to be available
after the release of Windows XP. Windows Mail continues to come with Windows
Vista. Also, anybody who says "rationalize the different investments we had
in the email space" can't be trusted to  write coherently about anything


If in a future version of Windows, Windows Live Mail replaces Windows Mail,
then it will be the successor to it.


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Can you cite sources to the contrary? I think I indicated that I was relying
on wikipedia. It's not infallible, but in this case I think Windows Live
Mail (WLM) program manager's blog ( <http://morethanmail.spaces.live.com/>
http://morethanmail.spaces.live.com/) supports its information. Among other
things, the PM says that "we needed to rationalize the different investments
we had in the email space" and that "the future of consumer client email per
Microsoft [is] Windows Live Mail." There's also a table in an early post
that lists "Features in Each Release," with columns for "Windows XP OE6,"
"Vista Windows Mail," and "Windows Live Mail Desktop." That seems to
indicate that Microsoft thinks of WLM as a successor.


Then there's the installer's behavior.
states that when WLM is installed, Windows Mail and OE shortcuts are
replaced with shortcuts to WLM. If that doesn't indicate an intent to have
WLM succeed Windows Mail, I'm not sure what would.


In any case, I don't think there's any reason that one product cannot be the
successor to another. (In fact, while one release of a given product can
succeed an earlier release, it seems nonsensical to say that a product
succeeds itself.) For instance, Windows XP is a completely different animal
than Windows ME, but Microsoft successfully positioned XP as the successor
to ME.


Copying the list for posterity. Please reply to all.



From: Joel Rosenthal [mailto:rojo.editor at verizon.net] 
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To: Jesse Pelton
Subject: RE: [Spambayes] Windows Mail - Vista

Windows Live Mail is NOT the successor to Windows Mail. They are two
separate products.




Furthermore, Windows Mail has already been succeeded by Windows Live Mail,
which is claimed to have a superset of the features in Windows Mail. See



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