[Spambayes] Messages don't move after clicking until I change folder

David Markwick dpm at affsys.com
Wed Jan 16 23:05:54 CET 2008


I think have solved this issue on my machine by changing settings in the 
Windows XP Firewall!
I am running MS Outlook 2000 SR-1 on both a W2K and an XP machine.
(This old because I cannot stand the later UIs)
The W2K system updated immediately, but the XP did not.  After a bit of
dredging the web I came across a suggestion that the XP firewall had an
effect on the speed of update in Outlook.  
In the XP firewall configuration dialog I added  outlook.exe  to the list of
programs that could receive incoming connections.

Now clicking the  Delete As Spam  causes the message to be immediately
removed from the display.  Similarly, recover from Spam.

Perhaps this explains why newer versions of outlook seemed to be affected
by this problem -- they were more likely to be run with XP firewall.

Hope this is helpful to others    Regards     /Dave

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