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Jesse Pelton jsp at PKC.com
Thu Jan 24 13:44:01 CET 2008

Yeah, I forgot to respond to that bit.  This could have nothing to do
with SpamBayes.  Details were a little thin in the original message, so
it's hard to be sure why SpamBayes was thought to be involved. 

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On Wed, January 23, 2008 13:42, Jesse Pelton wrote:
> I think you're asking that SpamBayes always accept messages that claim
> to originate from your domain.  That isn't going to happen, except on
> case-by-case basis, because each user trains SpamBayes to his or her
> preference.  If any given user gets messages from your domain and
> SpamBayes that they are spam, they will tend to be classified as spam
> the future.  If, on the other hand, that user treats messages from
> domain as ham, SpamBayes will tend to classify future messages as ham.
> Note, though, that SpamBayes looks at many tokens in each message, and
> the domain name is just one.  Even if a user classifies most messages
> from your domain as ham, if a message from your domain has a lot of
> spammy characteristics, it may well end up classified as spam.
> In short, there's no way to guarantee that your messages will get by
> SpamBayes, nor should there be.  Your best bet is to make sure your
> message content matches the content that the recipients want.  If you
> a good job of message composition and list management, you should be
> fine.
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> Hi,
> how can I set, that our domain is mailserver?
> We have domain EO.CZ and our emails hudec at eo.cz and obchod at eo.cz is
> marked as BAD adress. (Relay access denied (in reply to RCPT TO
> command))
> WWW.EO.CZ is e-shop and we are sending a lots of emails (not spams).
> Please don't set our adress as spam. Thank you :)
> (sorry for my english)
> yours sincerely  .. Marian Hudec, Czech Republic

Just a small question... "Relay access denied", isn't that an SMTP

Try this at a command prompt:

telnet mail.example.com 25

HELO mail.eo.cz
MAIL FROM:<hudec at eo.cz>
RCPT TO:<customer at example.com>

--> If an error already occurs at this point, then probably SpamBayes is
not yet involved? AFAIK SpamBayes is only a POP3/IMAP/procmail solution?
So SpamBayes will only do its work when the DATA command is complete and
the MTA delivers the mail to the MDA?

Or am I completely wrong here?

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