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Greg Waller gwaller at turbonet.com
Tue Apr 14 22:42:02 CEST 2009

I don't have the funds to support your program at this time. However, I
do have some time every now and then to help with proof-reading your
documentation.  I do have considerable experience with this so let me
know if you would like some help.

For example:  Whenever you have phrases like 'Outlook's builtin rules,'
you should not put two words together (i.e. built and in) that don't
normally go together without a hyphen (-).
Therefore, the before mentioned phrase (or word if you prefer) should
look like this:  built-in

This particular error was noticed in your initial Welcome to SpamBayes

Note:  I don't know if you are emphasizing American English or British
English - there are some grammatical and spelling differences.  But
assuming that you are using American English rules as the standard in
your english documentation, I believe I can help.

By the way, great job with this project/software.  It seems to be
working great so far.  And although I haven't had the time to read
through all of your documentation, it looks very well drafted - very few
if any errors.  This is so important to show that you are serious and
professional about this project.  It also makes it easier to read for
people like me who are sticklers for proper grammar and spelling. :-)

Greg Waller
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