[Spambayes] Using Office 2007

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Apr 23 18:26:10 CEST 2009

    Cara> Spambayes was working for awhile after installation. Junk Suspects
    Cara> folder was accidently deleted, recovered - Spambayes seemed to be
    Cara> ok.  Now Spambayes is not working at all Junk Suspects folder is
    Cara> gone, add-in is disabled. Tried uninstalling and reinstalled
    Cara> add-in - no change.  When select Spambayes manager to reconfigure
    Cara> nothing happens - drop down menu does not appear.  Any suggestions
    Cara> would be appreciated.

Can you retrieve or recreate your Junk Suspects folder?

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