[Spambayes] lock up

Candace Roberts croberts at galaxysys.com
Mon Aug 24 17:57:26 CEST 2009

Unable to complete a re-train after initial install and training.  The
initial training seemed to go very swiftly and worked very well.

In fact too well - it deleted emails that were not spam while I was reading
them.  You could watch the inbox count decrement and yet no increments
occurred on the junk or suspects folders.

The deleted emails were not put into the junk or suspects boxes and they
were not in the deleted folder - they just disappeared.



The IT guy fixed my PST file path which was creating 2 personal folders -
although they were empty and Spambayes was not using the xtra folder - so it

After this Outlook PST file path was corrected, I kept loosing emails. I
disable Spambayes, the emails stop disappearing.  


I opened Spambayes manager tried to re-point Spambayes to the correct inbox,
and it became completely non operational. In the software it looked like
Spambayes still saw the extra inbox in its folder tree,  and when I expanded
the correct personal folder, I could see all of my normal folders. I made
sure that ONLY the correct inbox and  junk folder were checked. After
resetting the folder paths, I Clicked the training button to retrain the
Spambayes software and one blue progress block displayed before the software
locked up.


Eventually I canceled the training and unchecked the score emails option and
restarted the training which made 2 progress blocks and froze.


Eventually I canceled again and unchecked the rebuild database - got about 5
progress blocks very very slowly and froze.


The Spambayes never gave me a message to indicate it failed to operate.

I uninstalled your software and deleted the Spambayes folder and am
reinstalling it to see if it works from a second install. 

C. Roberts (Quality Assurance Eng. and technical writer)



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