[Spambayes] Spambayes still not working. HELP!

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sat Dec 26 17:26:29 CET 2009

    Mark> My fetchmail is running as a cron job every couple of minutes, so
    Mark> I think it's very likely that's how it's happening.

Yes, that could be it.  When I retrain I always kill my fetchmail process

    Mark> As far as what storage, I don't know.

Look in your SpamBayes initialization file (typically referenced by the
BAYESCUSTOMIZE environment variable).  It's defined in the [Storage] section
of the file.  Here's what I have:


    Mark> I'm not a database guy.  I'm guessing though, I need to add a
    Mark> lockfile somewhere.

You might be able to do that, though the code checked into Subversion now
(not yet officially released) should implement file locking.

    Mark> That's the fw:scorelock portion of your procmail file above, if
    Mark> I'm correct?

Yes, but I doubt your training setup uses that.  I'm not sure of the
specific details of how procmail does lock files.  (Where they are, for
instance.)  Note that procmail does come with a handy lockfile command.


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