[Spambayes] A spam filter that overlooks basics

Gene Mannacio Gene-Mannacio at pacbell.net
Tue Feb 3 09:07:23 CET 2009

I have been using Spambayes for about a year now and have updated to the
latest version.  My operating system is Windows Vista Ultimate and my
Outlook is one of the components of Office 2007.  I think you'll find my
configuration is not relevant to the question I have, though.  While I may
be overlooking something I do not see a "White List" or "Black List" in the
product.  Absent this feature I would expect certain things to be learned
when your product is first trained.  This appears NOT to be the case.  For
example, I have a college classmate, Ora Smith, who is in my contact list
Friends Group and NotFromSpam  group.  I also have sent many messages to him
and received many messages from him before installing your product.  Despite
this, I have found messages from him in the "Possible Spam " folder.  Right
clicking on the message I find no way to white list him but I do use the
recover from spam button.  Despite all this his messages continued to appear
in the Possible Spam folder for quite some time. Is it unreasonable for me
to expect that:

1.	Anyone on your contact list or in a group on your contact list
should NEVER be put in a spam folder or possible spam folder unless their
messages have been deleted as spam on many occasions.
2.	Anyone to whom you've sent an e-mail on more than or replied to on
more  than two occasions should not have their messages put in a spam folder
or possible spam folder.
3.	Any e-mail recovered from spam will result in the filter considering
future e-mails from the same e-mail address as not spam unless there is a
mix of deleted (e.g. advertising messages) and retained purchase or fax

Suffice it to say, your filter seems deficient to me in these respects and I
hope this will be corrected.

Eugene Mannacio

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