[Spambayes] Thunderbayes bug report

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Sun Sep 20 16:16:50 CEST 2009

    Don> I just learned about Spambayes et. al. the other day when I had
    Don> lunch with a colleague.  So I am oblivious to its history.  The
    Don> matrix showed that ThunderBayes works with all versions of
    Don> Thunderbird and operating systems so I assumed I was OK in trying
    Don> it.  I guess your message implies that it doesn't work at all (at
    Don> the moment) with any version of Thunderbird and that Win 98SE is
    Don> irrelevant to the problem.

Yes, sorry about that.  The matrix is a bit out-of-date.  That entry dates
from before we knew it was unsupported.  I don't know if Win98SE is part of
the problem, though it would appear to nominally be OK.  The Outlook plugin
is supposed to work on Win98.  (What does the "SE" mean?)

Just for grins I installed it on Thunderbird on my Mac yesterday.
It seemed to install ok, though I'm not sure it actually worked.  (I use
IMAP instead of POP3 to fetch mail.)  At any rate I didn't get the error you
got.  I think ThunderBayes works by firing up the SpamBayes POP3 proxy
(sb_server.py) in the background and just makes for tighter integration of
that tool with T-Bird.

If you are using POP3 to fetch your mail you might try using it directly:


If you are using IMAP take a look at running sb_imapfilter.py.  In either
case you'll have to install Python yourself.  (A Windows binary version is
bundled with ThunderBayes.)  Python for Windows is available here:


Go for the 2.6.2 Windows installer, not the 3.1.1 version.

    Don> Let me know when something is functional again.  I can test it
    Don> against Thunderbird on Win 98, Win 2000, XP, and Vista.  I have Win
    Don> 7 on order for October delivery, but I have not tried to install or
    Don> use my beta copy.

That might be awhile.  Resources available to devote to SpamBayes are few
and far between these days.  Short term your better path to a spam-free
nirvana would be installing SpamBayes 1.1a4 and running either the POP3
proxy or the IMAP filter.


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