[Spambayes] Spam Bayes not working

jsparx sparx1 at cox.net
Tue Jun 22 03:32:03 CEST 2010

I previously used spam bayes and thought it was top quality. Had a hard
drive failure.and had to reload windows..and strange things happened. The
Spam Bayes reference exists at the top of my inbox page (upper left)...but
if you highlight a message, and hit delete as SPAM.it tells you that you
need to instead manually move the message to the SPAM folder.


I no longer have a subfolder named SPAM. Just Junk and junk suspects. I
previously had a SPAM folder.


So I downloaded SPAMBayes once again and it said it installed.  Told me to
close Outlook during installation which I did..then opened Outlook and get
an error message saying : 
 "There appears to be a problem with the Spam Bayes configuration. Please
select Spambayes Manager and run the configuration wizard to reconfigure the


I have no clue what that means..and am up a stump (I still have no SPAM
sub-folder either).  HELP!!


Jim Sparks Sparx1 at cox.net

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