[Spambayes] echotracker (or hey we have a open OL plugin too)

François-Denis Gonthier fdgonthier at kryptiva.com
Tue Mar 9 20:11:46 CET 2010


just a quick message to announce the release of another open-source 
Microsoft Outlook plugin. We at Kryptiva [1] are working on a data 
aggregator and mail indexer for Microsoft Outlook. It is called 
echotracker [2]. It is presented as a web page inside a panel embedded 
in Outlook. It is written for the .NET platform in C# and C++.

We are currently looking for developers and courageous users to test our 
plugin and report bug inside the current developer preview version. We 
have a mailing list setup to receive the first bug reports. We are also 
looking at interoperability testing so don't hesitate to tell us about 
your own very weird setup with Outlook, Exchange and "friends".

We thought that like minded developers might be happy to hear about 
that. A lot of what we learned about Outlook plugin were learned by 
looking at the few open-source plugin out there. We are glad they exists.

[1] http://www.kryptiva.com
[2] http://www.echotracker.com

François-Denis Gonthier
fdgonthier at kryptiva.com

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