[Spambayes] Win 7, Outlook 2007 issues

Ocean Ocean at cobaltnight.com
Wed Mar 17 18:17:05 CET 2010

	In addition to the issue of SpamBayes 1.1a4 not starting enabled in
Outlook 2007 under Win 7 x64, there are two other issues occuring as well.  

	First of all, if a user is downloading a large number of emails
(when I've seen this occur, the user was downloading over 100 messages),
SpamBayes will cause Outlook to crash.  Rinse and repeat as often as you
want, but Outlook will not download the messages without crashing unless
SpamBayes is disabled during the message download.  Once that's done, you
can enable it.  If a user only has a modest number of messages coming in,
then Outlook does not crash.

	Secondly, the way emails are being displayed while being parsed is

	Under XP, all the messages downloaded would show up in the Inbox
(you could watch them appear a few at a time), and then you could watch as
individual ones got plucked out by SpamBayes.

	But under Win 7 x64, only a single message shows up in the Inbox.
All other new messages are completely hidden until SpamBayes is done
processing them, at which point they all show up at once.

	The way messages are showing up under Win 7 x64 is not a good thing.
Perhaps it's related to why Outlook crashes if there are a large number of
messages downloaded, but these are both issues that need to be resolved.

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