[Spambayes] Win 7, Outlook 2007 issues

skip at pobox.com skip at pobox.com
Thu Mar 18 00:52:32 CET 2010

    Ocean> First of all, if a user is downloading a large number of emails
    Ocean> (when I've seen this occur, the user was downloading over 100
    Ocean> messages), SpamBayes will cause Outlook to crash.  Rinse and
    Ocean> repeat as often as you want, but Outlook will not download the
    Ocean> messages without crashing unless SpamBayes is disabled during the
    Ocean> message download.  Once that's done, you can enable it.  If a
    Ocean> user only has a modest number of messages coming in, then Outlook
    Ocean> does not crash.

Do you have any details which might help others (mostly Mark) debug the

    Ocean> The way messages are showing up under Win 7 x64 is not a good
    Ocean> thing.  Perhaps it's related to why Outlook crashes if there are
    Ocean> a large number of messages downloaded, but these are both issues
    Ocean> that need to be resolved.

Can you provide more debugging details?

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