[Spambayes] office 2010 version?

Peter Flindt newsgroups at Lastwebpage.de
Mon Mar 29 21:44:00 CEST 2010

Mark Hammond wrote on 29.03.2010 in message
<4BB08BDF.2040407 at gmail.com> :
> On 29/03/2010 6:14 PM, Peter Flindt wrote:
>> Mark Hammond wrote on 29.03.2010 in message
>> <4BAFE96A.6020402 at gmail.com>  :
>>> On 26/03/2010 12:01 PM, Larry Heimendinger, TE wrote:
>>>> Will Outlook 2010 be supported?  Need any testing help?
>>> It will be supported as soon as we can confirm if it works for anyone,
>>> and under what conditions it does *not* work for anyone.  I'm yet to
>>> hold a copy of Outlook 2010 to test with - arranging for that to happen
>>> is probably the most effective way of moving forward with this (I've
>>> already sent out one feeler, but that might not pay off), but any
>>> testing or information you can provide would be helpful.
>> How I can tested it when it won't load?
>> Or outlook 2010 load your spambayes addon? If yes, what version?

> I just downloaded the Outlook 2010 beta and my most recent binary 
> installer loads just fine on Windows 7 x64.  I'm still struggling with 
> getting Outlook working with my test gmail account, but suggesting it 
> "won't load" seems premature - have *you* tried?  I may not have more 
> time this week to see how it actually works though, but initial results 
> are encouraging...
I updated my Office 2007 to 2010. No luck, I got an warning message
about 2 unloadble pluigns, one was spambayes, the other one was an
Microsoft Addon for mobile devices. (I never use(d) this).
Next step was an deinstall, reg cleaner, and new install, no luck.
(Vista 32)

Maybe you have more luck.


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