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David Pendry info at camera-obscuraonline.co.uk
Mon Nov 8 12:29:07 CET 2010

Good morning.

Having a little bit of trouble with my Spam Bays.

The "Not Spam" tab has disappeared (again), so it's incredibly difficult to
train incoming emails.
For instance, my sister has, for some unknown reason, suddenly become a very
heavy spammer (according to what's going on)
My best suppliers have gone from prime-cuts to luncheon-meat in one fell
swoop, and a new contact has now gone much the same way!

How do I get my "Not Spam" tab back?
It disappeared once before, but reappeared again some months later (no
thanks to me, I hasten to add!)

Any ideas?

If you reply, I have little doubt it will end up in the Junk folder, so I
shall keep my eyes peeled.


David C. Pendry

Camera Obscura
Tel: 01256-769714

Mail:    info at camera-obscuraonline.co.uk
Web:   http://www.camera-obscuraonline.co.uk

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