[Spambayes] SpamByes won't switch on after an Outlook problem

Stuart Ord stuart at CEDCS.com
Sun Feb 13 13:32:04 CET 2011

Hi, I've used Spambayes for a couple of years. Occasionally I got an error
message from Outlook (Outlook 2003  (11.8169.8172) SP3, under Windows XP)
but it never caused a problem with SpamBayes. Recently I had a computer
shutdown that failed to close Outlook properly and it did its udul checking
of the Outlook file before it would start, but it said that it thought
SpamBayes was at fauls and asked to disable it. I agreed thinking I'd just
switch it back on again. Alas I can't do so. There's no menu appearing when
I click the drop-down box on the SpamBayes button in its toolbar, nothing
appears in "Junk suspects" and clicking on "Spam" no longer causes the
message to be deleted. I've uninstalled SpamBayes, downloaded the current
version 1.1a6 and installed this, but it failed to go through the startup
configuration and Outlook appears unchanged with the SpamBayes toolbar there
but nothing is working. I've run Outlook's "Detect and repair" to no effect.

Please can you suggest how to fix this?




Stuart Ord

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