[Spambayes] Spambayes in Outlook......Need some help!

Barry Willis bjwillis at acenet.net.au
Mon Nov 21 05:32:40 CET 2011

Hi there


I've been using Spambayes successfully in Outlook for some time (I think it
was version 1.0.4) but recently something happened & Outlook refused to work
until Spambayes was removed.

I uninstalled Spambayes, downloaded & installed the latest version (1.1a6)
but Spambayes doesn't appear to be present in Outlook at all, there's no
toolbar & I can't see anywhere else it might be hiding.

There were no errors that appeared when installing the program files & in
the program files the Spambayes folder & several sub folders are present.
Spambayes also appears in the startup folder.

I've looked at troubleshooting for "Addin Doesn't Load". If I follow the
instructions to "Check that Outlook shows the addin as enabled", under
Tools/Options/Other/ Advanced THERE IS NO Com Add-Ins button. So that was a
dead end.

I also tried the outlook_addin_register.exe file & it doesn't appear to do
anything. Couldn't find a regsvr32.exe file & the DLL file asked what
program I wanted to use to run it so no success there.


I'm using Outlook 2007 & Windows XP V 5.1 SP3.


Is there anything else I need to do apart from just running the installation

Any suggestions on how to get the program running again? I couldn't find
anything that appeared relevant in the FAQ section.


Some help would be appreciated as before this problem occurred Spambayes was
doing a great job & I was very happy with it.


Many thanks




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