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Sun Nov 27 04:34:23 CET 2011

    >> I have been using spambayes for over a year now.  E-mail from
    >> particular people sometimes go into the Junk Suspect folder.  I keep
    >> recovering them, and making sure that the sender is on my white list,
    >> but spambayes continues to send some of these emails for the Junk
    >> Suspect folder.  Annoying.  These are important e-mails from clients.
    >> Is there a way I can tell SpamBayes that all messages from a
    >> particular sender are OK?

White lists are not SpamBayes' job.  All it does is score messages.  If you
want to white list mail from specific users set up a filter in Outlook which
does that and make sure SpamBayes runs after that filter.

If for some reason SpamBayes continues to score messages from people you
want to see as spam there are probably mistakes in your training.  You can
always delete your training database and start from scratch.  After a few
messages have been received and correctly classified, performance should be
pretty good.   Generally, you need only train on mistakes, and should keep
the number of ham and spam relatively balanced.  There should be no reason
to train on every message you receive.

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