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BCash at guesswho.com BCash at guesswho.com
Tue Oct 11 16:12:39 CEST 2011

We recently installed spambayes 1.1a6 on an XP Pro machine running Outlook 2010 for the owner of my company.  I have started to get complaints from him that when he looks in his "junk suspects" folder there is mail there from someone on our domain with the company email.  When he right clicks the email and tries to mark this as "Not Junk" the following error appears:

"The e-mail address for this sender is internal to your organization and cannot be added to the list"

Do you have any suggestions on how to rectify this issue.  I have very limited access to this machine so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I have tried to google the issue but have not found anything helpful

Thank You

Brent Cash

bcash at guesswho.com
National A-1 Advertising
Helpdesk  ext. 1355

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