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I am running outlook 2003 on widows xp sp2.

I have several email accounts (pop3) that all get delivered to the inbox.
I have configured rules to place the various emails into folders by account.
(i.e) personal emails go to HOME.)

If I have the filters enabled the emails get moved with no spam filtering if
they are turned off filtering occurs in the inbox folder.


 Dick Fisher


End of SpamBayes Digest, Vol 166, Issue 11

There is only one folder that SpamBayes looks at.
If you use a rule to move mail as it arrives, it will bypass the inbox
folder and not be scanned by SpamBayes.
I would suggest you run all mail through the inbox, then allow SpamBayes to
filter into a holding folder.
Then, you review the holding folder and "train" SpamBayes or delete as
Eventually, the spam from all of your accounts will be funneled into the
spam folder you have set up, and the good email will be in your inbox.
You will have to then move the good email into the folders you want.

You may also be able to use your Internet Service Provider to scan for spam
before they deliver your email to you, then you will not need to use

Maybe there is another way to do what you want with SpamBayes, but I don't
know what it would be.

How I setup my email spam filters:

I use my ISP to look for certain email headers and deliver it to a specific
folder(s) on my computer.
Eventually, one folder receives most of my spam. I quickly look through it
and delete as necessary.
I move the "good" looking email into the inbox and run filtering again with

When I get some email that should be good, I send that directly to the
inbox. That's when SpamBayes works its magic.
Occasionally some &^%* spammer will find one of my good email addresses and
it slips into my inbox.
SpamBayes catches it and dumps it into my holding folder.
I check to make sure it is spam, then delete it.

This is a tough process, but as long as the &^%* spammers are out there, it
is the best way I know of to eliminate the spam.
Good luck, and may all spammers die of a long, protracted, painful, venereal

Disclaimer: I am NOT a SpamBayes expert. Take my advice with caution.


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