[Spambayes] Problem with SpamBayes Proxy: Mild

Peter Liepmann PeterL at hvc.RR.com
Wed Mar 7 19:08:18 CET 2012

SpamBayes Proxy was leaving all the messages on my ISP POP3  server, 
so I was getting messages that I was at 70%, 80% of capacity, yada yada.

I made a new TB profile that directly DL'd the mail from the server 
and deleted all messages older than  one month  from the server, but 
perhaps there could be a SpamBayes setting that does this.
Or maybe there already is, and I'm just too dim to find it?

I am using SpamBayes Proxy Version 1.1b2 (March 6, 2010) (binary), 
with version 2.5.2 (release25-maint, Feb 23 2008, 14:19:11) [MSC 
v.1310 32 bit (Intel)] of Python; my operating system is Windows 
5.1.2600.2 (Service Pack 3), and Thunderbird 10.0.2.  I have trained 
712 ham and 459 spam.  THAT part works great.
I installed it back in the distant past when the TB addon didn't 
always install reliably.
Thanks for a great tool.

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