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Inflot-Service Ltd. postmaster at inflot-service.ru
Fri Aug 2 10:41:17 CEST 2013


Good day, 

We're fighting with the spam and find your good program by our friends
advise. However for 2 PC and 1 laptop all installed in order, and moreover
catch all spam very well. 

But fourth PC strictly object to accept your program and showing one by one
messages after starting Outlook (please see attached).  As I'm not a IT
engineer I can't check such problems so deep, therefore sending you all
available information for my IT level

o   the version of Windows you are using, - Windows 7 - 64b

*	the version of SpamBayes, - spambayes-1.1a6
*	Outlook Version - 2010

o   any log files. - I cannot find it in Win 7

All soft installed with the last original updates


And one more problem: in case of two mail accounts in Outlook from first
account spam well removed to the Junk e-mail folder, but in second one all
spam messages are opened , marked as read and kept in Inbox folder.


Based on above please be so kind advise how We can fix this problem and
install spambayes properly.


Thanks in advance


Best wishes,

Inflot-Service Ltd.

George Tsirul/Agency dept.

Ph:  +7 8152 47 44 05 | Fax: +7 8152 47 43 81 | Mob: +7 921 725 3181

E-mail: postmaster at inflot-service.ru 

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