[Spambayes] Outlook 2013

Skip Montanaro skip at pobox.com
Mon Jan 14 05:13:00 CET 2013

> The developers generally don't care for
> Windows users (*NIX heads), so their interest in supporting the Outlook
> plugin is, well, pretty much non-existent.  And, if they could have their
> way, they'd like to not support Windows users either despite Windows still
> dominating desktop market share.

I think that characterization is more than a bit unfair.  For a long
while, several people actively worked to support Windows.  That
Windows support has dwindled is more an indication that they have no
time left to support SpamBayes (regardless of platform) than that they
are Unix snobs.

Perhaps you have forgotten that SpamBayes is open source software.
You (or anyone else) are more than welcome to grab the source and do
what needs to be done to get SpamBayes working again with more recent
versions of Windows.  I have put out the plea for developers various
places more than once and have always been met with silence.

As one of the lesser SpamBayes developers, I actually find I no longer
need SpamBayes.  Over time, the various organizations which provide me
with my daily diet of email (pobox.com and Gmail) have gotten better
and better at filtering out spam.  Before I actually stopped using it,
those providers did such a good job that it was pretty rare that the
software was even exercised.  I suspect some of the other SpamBayes
developers may also be former SpamBayes users.  Time marches on.

Skip Montanaro

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