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Karyn Estrella, CAE karyn at homesne.org
Fri Apr 21 11:15:36 EDT 2017

I cannot find the answer to my problem in these links.  Who can I call?

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Subject: Auto-response for your message to the "SpamBayes" mailing list

READ THIS!  (If you want help.)

This is an automated response to an email message you sent to the
spambayes at python.org mailing list.  Please read this message carefully to
see if it answers your question(s).

Before you do anything else: ----------------------------

Before asking a question on the list, please take a moment and check the
frequently asked questions page:


If you are using the Outlook plug-in, please also take the time to read the
troubleshooting guide - a copy was installed with the plug-in, or you can
read it online:


Note that you need to include a copy of your log files with any message
asking for help with a problem, or we won't have enough information to be
able to help you.

What is SpamBayes? ------------------

The SpamBayes project was formed to develop a Bayesian anti-spam filter,
initially based on the work of Paul Graham.  The major difference between
this and other, similar, projects is the emphasis on testing newer
approaches to scoring messages.  You can read all about SpamBayes on the
project's website:


Will Spambayes run on my system/in my environment?

Yes, though which tools you use and the amount of work necessary to get
started will vary depending on your computing platform, email client and how
you get mail from a mail server.

I'm having trouble installing SpamBayes.  Help!

Please ensure that you have the latest version.  As of March 24, 2005, this
is 1.0.4 for both the source and for the binary installer (for the Outlook
plug-in and sb_server). If you are still having trouble, try looking at the
bug reports that are currently open:


If you can't find anything, then else submit a bug (see below), or if you
think it's just something you're doing wrong, ask the list.

I found a bug. --------------

Please file a bug report:


If you post your bug report to the mailing list, there's always the chance
it will get missed.  Filing a bug report also provides a single place to
collect all the data related to the bug, making it easier to put all the
pieces together which are necessary to fix the underlying problem.

Subscribing to the SpamBayes mailing list.

The spambayes at python.org mailing list formed in September 2002 to support
development of the SpamBayes spam filtering system as an outgrowth of
earlier threads on the Python developers' mailing list.
You can subscribe and unsubscribe to the SpamBayes mailing list using the
form at


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