[Spambayes] Problem with SpamBayes on new computer

Karyn Estrella, CAE karyn at homesne.org
Fri Apr 21 14:26:44 EDT 2017

Thanks for your email Dale.  This is helpful.  I appreciate your help.  Have
a great weekend.  - Karyn


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I do not use Outlook, so my answer is anecdotal and learned from following
this mail list.

Most new Windows systems are 64-bit, not 32-bit.  The SpamBayes Outlook
plugin is said to work on 64-bit systems if two conditions are met - (1)
SpamBayes is installed somewhere other than the default.  It has been
recommended to use C:\SpamBayes.  (2) You must be running a 32-bit version
of Outlook for the plugin to work.  If neither of these are the cause of
your problem, then maybe someone else will chime in.

SpamBayes is free software, so you will not have an invoice.  It is also a
community project, so there is no one to call.  All support is done through
the mail list.

Good luck.


On 04/21/2017 9:02 AM, Karyn Estrella, CAE wrote:

I just got a new computer and tried to install the program.  It will not
appear in Outlook.


Additionally, I cannot find my purchase information (invoice).  Can you
help?  Thank you.





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