[Spambayes] Need a bit of help with the Windows installer

Skip Montanaro skip.montanaro at gmail.com
Thu Dec 28 14:06:10 EST 2017

It seems I might have successfully built a Windows installer using the
Appveyor continuous integration platform (https://www.appveyor.com/).
I don't have direct access to Windows, however I was able to run the
installer without error using WINE, and start up the POP3 proxy. I
didn't go any farther.

My son successfully installed it on his Windows 10 machine, enabling
just the IMAP filter. (Neither of us has access to Outlook.) Once
again, we didn't go further than that. This morning, I attempted to
build a 64-bit installer, but got held up unable to pip install
py2exe_py2. Not sure why.

I'm looking for a Windows user who would like to help wring out the
remaining bugs. If you can give it a whirl, the installer to test is


If you find problems, let me know. You can also poke around the
appveyor branch of the SpamBayes GitHub project:


The appveyor.yml file at the top level represents the current build
instructions. Pull requests are welcome, even if just to clean up the
mess. I don't have direct access to a Windows machine, and know
next-to-nothing about Windows, so the edit/commit/run cycle was a bit



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