[Spambayes] Bug Report: Outlook 2016

Arch Hughes arch at san.rr.com
Sat Dec 30 21:54:07 EST 2017

Bug Summary: outlook_addin.dll is not recognized by Outlook 2016 as a valid


(Sorry, I don't know how to navigate and use git.


I pulled down this file:


Norton was full of warnings about this file not being commonly downloaded.
I ran a scan on it and Norton reported no threats.


Step by step report:

1.	I had outlook running, and your program told me to close.
2.	The default check-box for MS Outlook was checked, and I left it
checked (it correctly said "Outlook appears to be installed).  No other
boxes were checked.
3.	It offered to convert a 1.0 data base to 1.1 format, I left that
checked.  I did not check "Register add-in for all users" since I'm the only
regular use of this computer.
4.	I accepted the Python agreement
5.	I reported the selected options correctly, so I pressed the Install
6.	It loaded the files into C:\Program Files (x86)\SpamBayes, and had
checked the View welcome.html and Convert the database from 1.0 to 1.1
options.  I pressed Finish
7.	The welcome file displayed in Firefox correctly after I told Windows
to open it with Firefox.
8.	I saw no evidence that a conversion process ran at this point,
though I might have missed it while looking at the web page.


9.	I restarted Outlook 2016.
10.	In the add-in section of Outlook I saw no evidence of any changes.
I still had a disabled add-in for Spambayes (carried forward from Outlook



11.	It was, however, pointing to the right place and the addin.dll had
your new 28 Dec 17 date.  So I enabled it.


12.	I stopped Outlook and restarted it.
13.	Outlook started successfully, but the SpamBayes add-in was disabled.
Again, I checked to enable it in case I failed to do that correctly. (While
there I also disabled the Exchange, OneNote, and SharePoint add-ins since I
don't use those tools.)
14.	I stopped Outlook and restarted it, again.
15.	This time SpamBayes moved to the "Inactive Application Add-ins"



16.	I went back into the Add-ins screen and checked SpamBayes again.  (I
also un-cheded Norton, Social connector, and Skype add-ins.)
17.	I stopped and restarted outlook again.
18.	The Norton tab was gone from the ribbon now (expected since I
unchecked that).  There was still not SpamBayes tools visible.  SpamBayes
remains in the Inactive section.
19.	I decided to try to add the new .dll at this point, from your
install, and got the following error from Outlook:



20.	I went back to your install directory and double-clicked on
"outlook_addin_register.exe".  I got no feedback.


At this point I don't have any more ideas for getting around the "bad dll"
message, so I await any feedback you might care to provide.  I looked at the
HTML page and didn't see anything there of use for this issue.  One
contributor suggests that the .dll is 32-bit and this version of Outlook
2016 is 64-bit.  This may, then, be a duplicate of bug #903?





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