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Jesse Noller jnoller at gmail.com
Wed Aug 31 02:28:03 CEST 2011

(Re-sending intentionally - I wasn't subbed to pypy-dev and got rejected)

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 8:22 PM, Jesse Noller <jnoller at gmail.com> wrote:
> Here's a summary (nicely put together by Nick Coghlan):
> - OSU/OSL have set up the machine itself (details in the July list archives)
> - I am the machine admin (I have root)
> - Tennessee and Miquel are working on getting codespeed up and running
> - I and Maciej are already too busy to handle the coordination/admin
> side of things
> I just added the "speedracer" account - a common account to setup
> things as needed. Currently, I don't see activity from Miquel on
> setting up the codespeed instance. I know Tennessee has been looking
> at setting up the runner.
> What we need is this, very simply:
> 1 - A working, running codespeed instance installed
> 2 - Benchmark runner(s) setup and going - for PyPy and CPython 2.x
> since the benchmarks don't run on Python 3 yet.
> Other needs/notes:
> - a project issue tracker doesn't appear to exist yet (needs to be done)
> - a better 'placeholder/about' page would be useful that offered links to:
>  - the speed at python.org mailing list signup page
>  - the issue tracker (once it exists)
>  - the codespeed repo
> Ideally, the front landing page would end up looking like:
> http://speed.pypy.org/
> - the aim is to eventually have the web front end running on different
> (but still OSU/OSL hosted) hardware, although that likely isn't
> critical right now
> - the current 5 GB /tmp size may be a problem for PyPy
> Where do we go from here - I can not be the one to keep pestering the
> group to make forward progress. On behalf of the PSF, and the CPython
> and PyPy teams, I got us a donated platform for running these shared,
> common benchmarks. Right now we have a 10,000$+ paper weight taking
> rack space in OSU/OSL.
> I need someone to take lead on this and get the project moving forward
> - as a reminder, here was the original proposal I made to the board,
> after PyCon 2011:
> """
> Coming out of the PyCon VM and language summits, it was commonly
> agreed that PyPy, CPython, IronPython and Jython should strive to move
> to a common set of benchmarks and a single performance-oriented site.
> This was agreed upon by the maintainers present at the conference, and
> included leads from all of the major implementations. This project
> would be lead by the various VM development teams, and based around
> the Unladen Swallow/PyPy benchmark suite. The site would be derived
> from:
> http://speed.pypy.org/
> There are already GSOC students potentially lined up to work on
> porting the test suite to Python 3!
> There, of course, is the requirement that we have:
> 1> A machine
> 2> Hosting for that machine
> And I took the job of finding both. As the OSU/OSL [1] has come up
> several times in discussions about free, monitored hosting, I felt
> that now would be the time to float the trial balloon and start a
> continuing relationship with the OSU/OSL team. I got to speak with
> some of the team at PyCon, and I was quite impressed with their
> enthusiasm and willingness to help out.
> """
> I need help from everyone to get this up and running: the PyPy team is
> most familiar with the speed.pypy.org/codespeed system. If we could
> get a dump of what needs to be done to get things setup, that may help
> get more hands involved.
> I am feeling personally responsible that this has not been moving
> forward - I need your help to get this up and running for the
> betterment of CPython and PyPy. This project benefits both projects,
> and Python in general immensely.
> Once up and running, this system will be prominently placed on the
> Python.org home page, and be used by potential users to help select
> and evaluate their Python runtime.
> Jesse

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